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Event axes

Resolving social problems through soft, identity-based technologies.

Using the capacities of the cultural and creative industries to solve social problems.

Using social opportunities to solve society's problems

Special axes of the event

-Strategies for the development of experiential tourism in Kish Island

-Cultural Solutions to Attract Tourists to Kish Island

-Empowerment and Employment Creation for Local Women on Kish Island

Detailed event axes

Social Issues

-Deprived and underprivileged people
-Victims of natural disasters
-Vulnerable women and children
-Prison and prisoners' families
-Health and lifestyle

Social opportunities

-Ritual ceremonies (Arbain, Ghadir, Nowruz, etc.)
-Neglected gaps and legal capacities
- Social events

Cultural industries

-Handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage
-Fashion and clothing
-Visual and performing arts
-Urban development (with cultural elements)
-design, architecture and building (with cultural elements)
-Liveliness and entertainment

Creative industries

-Production of audio and video content
-Games and toys
-Film, animation
-Store and exhibition
-Advertising and marketing

Colleagues and sponsors of the event

It is a kind of problem solving event that is held with the aim of attracting innovative ideas in order to solve social problems and challenges, with the presence of domestic and foreign experts and entrepreneurs and the extensive participation and cooperation of executive and scientific institutions.

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Address of the event secretariat:

 No. 14, 6th floor, West Taban St., above Mirdamad Bridge, Africa Blvd., Tehran.

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